Original Espruino boards not visible to IDE.

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  • Hi everyone,

    Just found some time and had an idea for a project. I've got a couple of Pico's and a couple of originals which were given to me. The Pico's work fine and have never had an issue. The originals I can't seem to get to come up in the editor. On the mac and windows 10 they come up as USB "Generic Billboard Device". I'd like to use them as they would be ideal with the bread board space and for this project they don't need to be small!

    Hope someone can assist, happy programming!

  • Sun 2020.12.06

    Hello @user122041,

    re: 'The originals I can't seem to get to come up in the editor'

    Which flavor of editor [I presume 'WebIDE' was meant by 'editor'] and were the others tried and what were those results?

    Beneath heading: 'Same symptoms in online vs native WebIDE?'

    There are three links to the destination WebIDE types:


    Any recollection if the Original was ever re-flashed, or was it still at the initial factory firmware version?

    Any luck just connecting, following the firmware flash instructions?

    From my experience using Windows10 and the 'Native IDE', sometimes (most always) it is necessary to disconnect, close the IDE then relaunch it and connect, when connecting is problematic.

    re: 'windows 10 they come up as USB "Generic Billboard Device"'

    Using Windows10 Device Manager, mine show up as "USB Composite Device"

    Is it possible that there is a COM port conflict attaching these unknown boards. Maybe a re-scan for hardware changes, or even removing the assigned COM ports and a re-scan are in order perhaps?

  • Hi @Robin

    I'm using the Chrome webstore IDE.

    The originals were never used so I'll assume they have never been re-flashed. I only just updated my original Pico's.

    I'll have a look at trying the disconnect and close IDE. However I don't have the same issues with the PICO.

    From what I can tell it doesn't even appear to even have a com port assigned when connected.

    I have an old windows 7 machine I might see if they come up on that and if they do flash to current firmware and see what happens. Generic Billboard Device comes up a lot related to USB-C and I'm running on a Modern Mac it might be a problem. But again not having any issues with the PICO's.

  • Hi @Robin

    All sorted! They were visible and able to connect to the WebIDE under Windows7, reflashed and now working fine on the Mac/Windows 10 too.

  • Great! Glad you got it sorted!

    It's interesting windows 10 never picked them up automatically though.

  • @Gordon It's most likely related to my Windows 10 being a VM I'm guessing!

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Original Espruino boards not visible to IDE.

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