make for Banglejs problem with bootloader

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  • After starting make


    I get this again and again

    make: *** No rule to make target 'bootloader_espruino_2v08_banglejs.elf',­ needed by 'bootloader_espruino_2v08_banglejs.app_h­ex'.  Stop.

    Running same with ESPRUINOBOARD runs fine
    Running same with MDBT42Q fails with same message

    Everything runs on RASPBERRY with gcc-arm-none-eabi-9-2020-q2-update
    Any idea what I've to fix ?

  • Ahh - so NO_COMPILE=1 is that something you'd added for your builds?

    I guess ideally if you want something other than a binary you'd have a build target, so ... make myfiles

    But in this case it's because normally nRF52 code needs a bootloader to create a usable hex file. If you add DFU_UPDATE_BUILD=1 to it, it'll try and create an update package which doesn't require the bootloader

  • NO_COMPILE is in make file for some years now.
    It was added by me to have an easy method to get wrapperfiles only.
    See lines 820-823 in make file (on github) .
    Its used to create a UI to support blacklist handling
    I checked DFU_UPDATE_BUILD and it works fine. Thanks for this hint.

    BTW, there is a break in handling of WRAPPERSOURCES. entrys are all relative, only tensorflow is absolute. Is there a special reason for that, or is it grown the way it is ?

  • I know it's pain to change, but are you ok with me adding this to the end of Makefile:


    and then you can do make wrappersources instead of NO_COMPILE=1 make? Should be the same, but it just seems like it'd be a bit tidier and easier to maintain.

    Ahh, interesting that tensorflow isn't relative! Yes, I recently changed to relative paths because when assertions were built into binaries they used to contain the entire path previously - which didn't seem great and also wasted a bunch of space

  • I don't have problems with your change for wrappersources.
    Pretty sure, nobody else uses this up to now ;-)
    Just added the lines you recommended and removed ifdef NO_COMPILE in my local copy and it works as expected.

  • Thanks! I just pushed the changes :)

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make for Banglejs problem with bootloader

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