Will rechargeable puck.js be available in the future?

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  • Hi Espruino Team,

    I'm working on the development based on Puck.js v2.
    And I'm pretty satisfied with the hardware spec and development environment.
    However, many of my clients are asking for the rechargeable feature of the device.
    So I'm curious that will the rechargeable battery spec (maybe Puck.js v3, v4, or.... ) be released in the future?
    Or if there has an existing spec relevantly similar to Puck.js v2?

    Best regards

  • Hi!

    There aren't immediate plans right now for a rechargeable Puck, although probably the next one I make will have an nRF52840 which has USB, and if it has a USB socket then rechargeable does make sense.

    However, something like Bangle.js actually has a bunch of similar features (accelerometer, magnetometer) in a similar size, plus also display, GPS, waterproofing and rechargeable battery.

    I'm also in the process of sourcing a boxed, AA-powered device with accelerometer, which might work for you too? For most things that should put the battery life squarely into the 5+ year region.

    Which features did you need for your projects?

  • Hi Gordon,

    I currently deal with signal of acc and gyro for motion detect. Some features might require highly sampling rate to accomplish. Therefore, a rechargeable Puck might be the best implementation for clients in several scenario. It is fine so far as I kept the features in development. I'm looking forward to the nRF52840-based device!


  • There are rechargeable button batteries that might fit in the puck.js. Does anyone know of a 3-3.5V button battery that would w0rk?

    I think we could make one of the rechargeable buttons work.


  • There are LR2032 batteries, but these have a voltage that is too high when they are fully charged. The max for Espruino is 3.6v, but Lithium Ion batteries end up above that except when they're half discharged.

    The Puck.js v1 actually had a solder bridge that you could cut, and then you could insert a diode to drop the voltage enough to use a LR2032 - however as far as I know nobody every used it, so it got removed in Puck.js v2

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Will rechargeable puck.js be available in the future?

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