Trying to understand "getSerial()"

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  • Hey πŸ‘‹!

    I was trying to use the getSerial()-function on a bunch of custom boards, but was puzzled when I got results like "29005900-0b513934-38363235" (note the "b")

    The documentation states: "Returns The board's serial number", and based on the responses I got on some official Espruino Picos ("40005900-04513432-33343134" and "33006900-04513432-33343134") I guessed it was just a string containing base 10 numbers. But now I'm not so sure what to expect.

    These are custom boards with STM32F401CEU6 running Espruino Pico firmware v. 2.08.

    Any idea what could be going on here?

  • Hi! It'll be base 16 numbers - each group of 8 digits is a 32-bit number.

    Honestly it's pretty surprised you haven't got more hex digits in there!

  • Hi Gordon,

    Ok perfect πŸ‘Œ! Yeah, that seems extremely unlikely πŸ™‚. Four boards so far, 2 x having only numbers, and 2 x numbers and a single 'b' at the same position 🀯.



  • I don't know this is the answer here - but I know of one manufacturer - with the least creative company name in the semiconductor industry, possibly the entire world - whose serial numbers for at least some product lines, despite being stored as bytes, consist entirely of values between 0 and 99.

    That said, if I ever saw a serial number printed by anything, and it started with a numeral zero followed by a lowercase b, I would have to excuse myself from any conversation I was having at the moment, becuase I wouldn't be able to hear the other person speak over the alarms blaring in my head....

  • Yeah, the outlier being specifically "0b ..." definitely added to the confusion ☺️.

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Trying to understand "getSerial()"

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