• New release! It's not long since 2v07 but there are some important improvements (especially if you have Bangle.js).

    • Bangle.js: fix occasional reset if watch is moved after a few minutes of inactivity while running certain apps
    • BBC micro:bit fixes, and support for the new micro:bit v2
    • Bangle.js: Tensorflow aiGesture event now works again
    • nRF52: Fix issue where analogRead would stop E.getBattery from working
    • Fix setWatch lastTime when debounce is enabled
    • nRF52: CPU now sleeps when while UART/BLE data is waiting to be sent
    • Add String.padStart/padEnd
    • Code in flash can now stay running after Storage compaction
    • Bangle.js: Add debounce to the button used to wake Bangle.js up from sleep

    And more - see the full Change Log for full details.

  • Great releases come always in Twins! - A Great Release has always a relatively close following younger Sibling for the Icing on the Cake / Completion...

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Espruino 2v08 - with important Bangle.js improvements

Posted by Avatar for Gordon @Gordon