Error With Custom Bangle App Loader

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  • Hello all,
    So I made a clock app and I wanted to put it in the Bangle.js app loader. I cloned the repo and added the app to the app.json file. Then, I made the Github page and opened it. It said App List Corrupted and it gave me an error in the console. When I went to the link it gave, it gave me a 404 error. Please help!

    A link to the repo: Link

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  • Looks like you have an extra comma "," after the last closing curly bracket in your apps.json file and you are missing a final closing square bracket "]".

  • As @user113695 says - fix that and it should be fine.

    You can safely ignore the 404 error. You can add a file called appdates.csv that allows you to sort apps by newest/most recently updated - but it's not part of the repository as it has to be calculated each time. Realistically you're not missing much by not having it.

  • OK thanks! It didn't work yesterday but today it works! Probably didn't sync. Thanks so much! I look forward to adding it to the official list soon.
    Thanks @Gordon and @user113695 so much! Really appreciate it :)

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Error With Custom Bangle App Loader

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