Error With Custom Bangle App Loader

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  • Hello all,
    So I made a clock app and I wanted to put it in the Bangle.js app loader. I cloned the repo and added the app to the app.json file. Then, I made the Github page and opened it. It said App List Corrupted and it gave me an error in the console. When I went to the link it gave, it gave me a 404 error. Please help!

    A link to the repo: Link

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  • Looks like you have an extra comma "," after the last closing curly bracket in your apps.json file and you are missing a final closing square bracket "]".

  • As @user113695 says - fix that and it should be fine.

    You can safely ignore the 404 error. You can add a file called appdates.csv that allows you to sort apps by newest/most recently updated - but it's not part of the repository as it has to be calculated each time. Realistically you're not missing much by not having it.

  • OK thanks! It didn't work yesterday but today it works! Probably didn't sync. Thanks so much! I look forward to adding it to the official list soon.
    Thanks @Gordon and @user113695 so much! Really appreciate it :)

  • I am also getting some errors with my custom Bangle.js App Loader:
    It works fine on my personal pages
    ...but it doesn't work as expected on my local Synology server.
    (I prefer this solution to avoid waiting for pages to update.)

    Hence, when I select Bangle.js 2 no app is shown in the list of available apps. See below messages:

    I can view all the apps, if I select All Apps instead of Bangle.js 2 though.
    I can connect to my Bangle but the apps already on it appear this way in the App Loader:

    Did anyone encounter such issues?

  • The two times this has happened to me, its been due to a corrupted apps.json file.

  • Hi @sebi,

    I think what happened is you've pulled the updated files from GitHub but then the apps.json file hasn't merged properly. Probably what happened is you just overwrote the upstream GitHub version with your own version.

    A week or so go I added a 'supports' field to every app to set whether it's for Bangle.js 1 or 2, but this meant changing every app, which probably caused a merge error.

    I'd copy the apps.json file from upstream GitHub then just manually re-add the entries for the apps you've added.

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Error With Custom Bangle App Loader

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