Display seems not in the center of banglejs

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  • Time has passed ... problemswith connection BT4 BLE ... firefox ... Opera ... Chrome

    But there is another thing ... the display of my kickstarter banglejs seems not in center of the display glass. Corner on upper side leftright is bigger than lower part.

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  • Hi - yes, that's to be expected. The display has to be off-centre because the control electronics and cable for it sit below the display. They're all like that, and in fact you'll see an awful lot of smartwatches (even rectangular ones) have the display off-centre too for similar reasons.

  • It reminds me that notification apps sometimes begin writing on position x=0
    So, having installed "fullscreen notifications" when a normal notification is received from gadgetbridge it writes a Title and body, and all text is displayed. [OK]
    However, if using Gadgetbridge Debug to send a notification, then the title=app is not displayed (probably Debug doesn't use the AT commands recognized by bangle.js) and the first character of text out of the visible area (in the top left). [NotOK]

  • Ok, so you're saying that with fullscreen notifications (normal ones are fine) a notification with no title can cut the first few chars off the line because of the rounded edge?

  • See attached screenshots, having "fullscreen notification" installed.
    The normal notification is good, shows title and body. However text send from GB debug is not using the expected notification format.

    [update, when i wrote the post i added fullscreen images, but for some reason they were missing, so I am adding again ]

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  • and having installed the "notifications default" it seem to cut the text on the top right corner

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  • Ok, just updated to have much better positioning both with/without fullscreen.

  • Verified, both work well now. In fact the fullscreen version now for displays "App, Group,text" (at least for telegram) whereas before it was displaying only "Group and text".

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Display seems not in the center of banglejs

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