Having trouble updating firmware

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  • I am testing different firmwares for performance comparison. But i think i've just realised that my firmware is not changing, not sure why. It says DFU 2v05. Even after i update to v6.49 and v6. Been using nrf toolbox app dfu update.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • The Settings-> About Page shows correct firmware version number. But when i reboot with BTN1 and BTN2 held down.. on the dfu startup it reads

    DFU 2v05

    I looked at the src code of the Espruino in file src/jsutils.h

    #ifndef BUILDNUMBER
    #define JS_VERSION "2v06"
    #define JS_VERSION "2v06." BUILDNUMBER

    and targets/nrf5x_dfu/main.c

        lcd_println("DFU " JS_VERSION "\n");

    I mean why the output on my screen showing previous version firmware JS_VERSION. Is it because the old firmware is still in ram somewhere?? partly?? How to fully reboot with new firmware?

  • Im referring to this :: in case you are confused: That fuzzy image reads Watchdog, DFU 2v05, Booting...
    But it has v6.46 firmware installed on it.

    Maybe its just normal and it just means that the DFU part of the code isn't recompiled often. Because nothing there changes between versions?

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  • Yes, that's the firmware version of the DFU bootloader. It doesn't change - but that's good, because it means that whatever you update you're not going to 'brick' your Bangle because the bootloader will still be there!

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Having trouble updating firmware

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