Install patches in provision ?

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  • targetlibs holds a lot of nrf relevant files.
    patches to these files (based on $PROVISION_NRF_SDK15) are installed in
    Is there a special reason why these changes are not directly in targetlibs ?
    Is there a reason, not to install on default ?

  • You're asking why the SDK files aren't in GitHub?

    I just got fed up with the amount of SDK files that were in GitHub - especially for Nordic where every SDK has its own set. It was also hard to keep track of what had been changed in the SDK, which makes it more painful to upgrade SDK versions.

    ESP8266/32 install the SDK files in provision too, and I thought I'd take some of their ideas for SDK15 :)

  • Hmm, good answer ;-)
    I'm working to get efeu running again.
    For efeu, a lot of stuff, like compilers and precompiled libs, are moved to a special folder.
    ESP8266/32 use exported pointer to this folder.
    This makes it easier to support several Espruino versions (edge, release, develop).
    Do you have a nice way to move targetlibs to my special folder and have an exported pointer to that ?
    Or would this be too much effort, having in mind, efeu would be the only tool to benefit from that?

  • I feel like moving the folders is going to be too much work - IIRC there's an awful lot hard-coded in the Makefile.

    Is there a reason you couldn't just have a whole different copy of the Espruino repository for edge/release/etc? It can't add that much extra disk space...

  • Sounds like an OGP (old guys problem), that I would like to get rid off.
    Problem: If I have to synchronize serveral places, sooner or later this will fail.
    Anyway, for now, there is no nice solution. I will follow the easy way, as you recommended.

  • @JumJum, Could Symbolic Links help with that 'synchronization'? If it is on directory level, that could work... if it is on some individual files in a directory but not on others, then it is not such a good idea...

  • Hmm, I will check. Thanks for this hint

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Install patches in provision ?

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