• Hi all,

    Playing with a new Bangle.js (brand new) - I installed various apps like Jingle Bells, Manic Monday Tone, Morse Code.... I do not hear anything from the watch (it's silent).

    In Settings -> Beep, I have it set to 'Piezo'....

    Perhaps a component is broken? Or am I missing something?

    I can't get it to make a sound. Only when I change the 'Beep' setting does it make a very faint beep noise. But no sounds at all in the apps where I would expect it...

    If anyone can help point me in the right direction i'd appreciate it. Thank you :)

  • I also tried (in the IDE):


    It didn't make any sound.

  • Ah, i'm now thinking maybe it doesn't have that component?


    Note: The majority of Bangle.js devices do not contain a piezo speaker, but instead use the vibration motor for sound

  • Ah, i'm now thinking maybe it doesn't have that component?

    Most likely this will be the case. The company that manufactured these didn't do a very good job with QA or didn't even care.

    That's why there is an option in the settings (beep->vibrate) to use the vibration motor for audio, though it is not as loud. On the other hand, the piezo probably wouldn't have been significantly louder.

  • Actually, I got it working now.

    The solution:


    Now this works (makes a small beep):


    And now jingle bells app is working!

    Looks like it just needed a reset....

    Interestingly my current setting is set to 'Vibrate' under beep... not sure if that's relevant.

  • Hi - yes, so as you guessed and @Raik pointed out, most likely your Bangle.js doesn't have a piezo in.

    The default setting (in any firmware from the last few months) is to make noise using the vibration motor (Vibrate in settings) - but if you change it to Piezo and there is no piezo then you won't get sound.

    I know it's not a huge consolation, but if you do have a watch with a Piezo and you flip between the two settings, there's really not a great deal of difference in volume - the sound just isn't desperately loud on these.

  • Looks like I do have the same problem with the Bangle.js 2 I ordered in February this year (2022). No way to get a sound out of it, but vibration is Ok.

  • AFAIK Bangle.js 2 does not have sound.

  • None of the Bangle.js 2's have piezo. Try Bangle.beep(200, 3000); and you should hear a short tone. I've found that sometimes the beep is clearly audible (albeit fairly quiet), other times the vibration is heavier (for want of a better word) and the beep is harder to notice.

  • Thanks for that hint. If I put my ear directly on the watch with Bangle.beep(200, 3000); there really is a tiny beep, but the alert function if set to "beep on" and "vibration off" is not even using this one. As you already mentioned the "sound" of this beep sometimes is some sort of rumbling, but in general it is no bad idea to use the vibrator for sound too.

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Speaker (piezo) not working (no audio/sound) on Bangle.js

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