Web IDE "Send to Espruino"

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  • Just tried the latest version of the Chrome IDE from github. When trying to load a file and send it to the Espruino board (a HY 3.4"), an ERROR occurs
    "Using '.' operator on non-object ..."

    Please advise !!

  • You're using an old version of the Espruino firmware with a new version of the Espruino Web IDE.

    Try https://espruino-nightly.noda.se/

  • Hi Gordon, thanks for the quick reply. How do I use the nightly link you provided?

  • ...now I see it. Was looking at an archive with today's date (sorry, I'm dumb) which does not have a bin file (of course!!). However, yesterday's archive seems to have the bin I'm looking for ;-)

  • Also I don't think you're using the latest version of the Web IDE either.

    15 minutes before you wrote that post I merged some of Jurgen's changes which it turns out have fixed that issue (if you don't use modules, they don't call 'Modules.removeAllCached()').

  • Sorry about that - the espruino-nightly is actually something that someone else is running.

    I changed the filenames recently (so they included the version number) and it seems to have broken his builds :( I've just asked him so hopefully they'll come back online soon.

  • Just for anyone trying today, the nightly builds are back up: https://espruino-nightly.noda.se/2013-12­-13/

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Web IDE "Send to Espruino"

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