• I tried to build a clock with GPS M8N and a Neopixel stripe of 58 LEDs. It was not possible, because there are always interruptions due the sending of the data. Is it planned in the next time to extend the esp with one or more Realtime Cores? They can get his data on shared memory over input and output pipes.
    At least I was going back to Arduino for my project. So I not can use the possibilities of the ESP there.

  • ...you have to be really a bit more detailed about your setup, because I did more than just 58 neopixels with no issues what so ever.

    What processor board did you use? Please share your code... '...going back to Arduino...' hints to me that applied big-loop coding... and that's not flying at all. Going event driven, you would have left you plenty of cycles left for even more things to do. Nails need Hammers, Screws need Screwdrivers, and Events need even oriented programming style.

  • Yes, I should add here that at least on nRF52-based boards the Neopixel support uses DMA so it's totally fine with doing stuff like taking serial data in at the same time.

    What kind of hardware are you using?

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Problems with Multitasking on Adafruit Neopixels

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