Online IDE + local modules?

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  • Hello,

    i do not find how to add a custom local modules with the online IDE (not the Chrome app)!
    Is it possible?
    i use a custom font but can't use the online ide with it! (I'm not proud enough of my work to inflict it on everyone and push it on the git :/)

    @Gordon, by the way, my uploaded scripts in utf-8 have accents problem in the Online IDE!
    For diacritic langages as mine it's really annoying. do i have to encode my scripts in an other way?



  • Check this section of module documentation.­ocal-folder.

    Or save the font on storage and then use require.­rage

    Take a look into this sample it was written before font size factor was available and a larger font was needed.­8005f3cafa2b9a5ab5156e3d8

  • ...more recently someone posted abut an 8 bit font... which means that it would include Français,
    hôtel, something beyond what éric would préfère: it would be Noël for him! - I'm not sure that Espruino JS can handle it in the source code... may be in a single/double quoted string? --- Just checked with a google search and get 3 results - a doc page and two forum entries / conversations:

    The third one already touched on this - and is also one éric ( @Mrbbp ) started.

    Btw, comment allez-vous, éric? Are you working on a contemporary - literal COVID19 - installation d'art? - m

  • ok sorry, i was not really clear about the accents prob

    the accent problem occur when i load a script in the online IDE (not in the chrome app)
    all my accents are weirdy encode in double character (an encoding prob from memory).
    both accents in comments and in String variables...


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  • @allObjects hello Markus,

    the confinement of COVID gave me time to write texts and now is the time to port them to my favorite microcontroller.

    I also received a ZD915 desoldering station and I try my and zd915 abilities on a 20mm led matrix replacement on the wemos module.
    I tried last night to test the modified module and that's where I encountered some problems . (see my other post­347612/)

    I hope you are in good health and stay careful with this terrifying COVID.

    best regards

  • Thanks @MaBe for pointing urls, i will try to store the font as you show.

  • about the font.

    I worked from the @Dennis file (thank you @Dennis for the great work) and I redesigned the uppercase letters a little narrower by one pixel and reviewed the accented lowercase and some other lowercase letters.

    I find it more pleasant to read on a matrix...

    i put in attachment the 2 Dennis's file and my fork.

    i think i need a more work, but it's good for me.

    if you want i can provide the converted file.


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    • Fonts_Font4x6.png
  • For local modules I'm afraid there is no solution yet since the web browser doesn't give full access to the filesystem. When things calm down I'll be adding a login to the Web IDE and you'll be able to upload 'local' modules there.

    For the text, you may be hitting an issue with the unicode font conversion. There's some code at­s/blob/gh-pages/plugins/unicode.js which has been a constant source of pain for me.

    The idea was any strings get converted to a UTF8 sequence of chars. While that's great for serving websites, it's not what you want for on-espruino graphics.

    I'd be interested to know what your thoughts are on that - I guess I could make it configurable (eg. you could set which codepage you want to use). I guess the terminal could also be configured to interpret incoming text from that codepage as well.

  • Thanks @gordon for you explanations

    In fact, I am really sad to have to abandon the ide in chromeApp, it was very practical and had fewer limitations than the online ide.
    Goog pretends to abandon techs that bring him nothing. they hit us regularly ... grr


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Online IDE + local modules?

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