List of new apps

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  • Hi,

    when an application gets updated we can get the changes from its corresponding changelog.

    But what about new apps? Is there a list somewhere?
    If not, it probably can be automatically generated with git? e.g. Date of first commit on its folder, assuming that date of first commit and date of merge to master are not far apart. Probably a bash script like this:

    for appfolder in apps/*/; do echo "$(git log --follow --format=%ai $appfolder) $appfolder" | tail -n 1 ; done | sort -r
  • Thanks - yes, we're definitely missing a way to find new apps.

    There was some discussion on GitHub:­ssues/249

    Obviously we want self-hosted versions of 'BangleApps' to 'just work', but it should be easy enough to just detect if no appdates.json file exists and the not enable the 'sort by newest' option.

  • Just fixed it - it'll be live tomorrow - thanks for the script suggestion! :)

  • Wow, you are fast, thanks.

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List of new apps

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