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  • I just added "Image background clock" to the App Loader - so you can finally get a clock with a nice background.

    It does it by creating a small offscreen buffer for just the area where the time is, and then rendering the rest of the image from flash.

    There are only 2 images right now, but it'd be great if you had some other images you'd like to add:­ree/master/apps/imgclock

    Should be pretty straightforward - add the image file (8 bit, web palette png) and then edit the list of images in­lob/master/apps/imgclock/custom.html#L16­ - x and y and the locations of the clock (so it doesn't go over the top of a nice bit of image)

  • Ah, thank you! I've been wanting something like this, but am not proficient enough in js to research this more than an hour at a time due to work. I'll play around, as I have a few images I'd like to throw up to the app loader :)

  • Just added the ability to upload custom image files via the UI. If you get a nice ones it'd be great if you could post them up

  • Cool, I was trying to make something like this myself, but due to lack of time didn't complete it yet.

    However, whenever I want to upload the clock I select a background, click on upload and get
    "Customise failed, TypeError: Espruino.transform is not a function"
    This is with 2v05 firmware on the watch, chromium browser under ubuntu 18.04

  • Sorry about this - I pushed a 'minor' fix and didn't check it properly. If you try now it should be fixed.

  • So the ability to upload images for a watch face is awesome. However, I quickly ran into a problem of each digit overlapping the previous one as each minute/hour/second passes. It very quickly changes the space-time continuum and reads 28:88:88. All bad jokes aside, any thoughts?

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  • Yep - pretty sure you've just got an old watch firmware and have hit the flash storage issue?

  • 2v05?


    Ah, 2v05.108. I'll update and see.

  • Excellent. That was the issue. Thanks, Nebbish!

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New: Image background clock

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