• I need the freeRTOS library for my custom firmware extension. The library is already included as an esp-idf component. How can I refer to it? If I simple use:

    include " ../../esp-idf/components/freertos/includ­e/freertos/FreeRTOS.h"

    the other #includes (from the FreeRTOS.h) break. Obviously it is because the includes root is in my lib folder. Moreover, #include doesn't work either.

    My second problems is: If I write my library in c++ (.cc) I also cannot import jspin.h, jsvar.h .... The script doesn't find the files (as a .c script it does).

    I would appreciate some help.

  • If I include my script with

    SOURCES+= [path to .c file]

    first and call it from the wrapper, it loads the included files (like freertos/FreeRTOS.h) correctly.
    But If I try to use CCSOURCES (for cc files, because I am using c++) or SOURCES as well, I cannot include anything there. The "external C" command also not work.
    It looks like I cannot include the .c sources in .cc (c++).

  • Does anybody have an idea ?

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Include espruino files and components from custom library

Posted by Avatar for Jonaswinz @Jonaswinz