TLS on ESP32, troubles for latest firmware v.2.05

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  • Dears, I know about troubles with HTTPS on ESP32 - that get error with SSL out of memory at v.2.0 and higher. I tested on v2.04 and try latest v2.05, unfortunately JS again need memory for code to catch certificate , deploy ssl and connect by https.
    But why is it not working when I manual plug PEM certificate, Because same approach is working on ESP32 for Arduino ?
    Error: mbedtls_ssl_setup: No enough memory!

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  • When detect command - BLE is disable in sketch then all other commands after that is break...

  • Of course first of all I try to use simple request https w/o options ca,key and cert. But result is @No enough memory" when call setup_ssl.

  • Not fix and Heap less then before BLE was enable.

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  • can you build the firmware?

    If yes, remove some modules like 'FILESYSTEM' and 'FLASHFS' and try again.­b/master/boards/

  • Sorry,I cant build, but any way in my final sketch I use file system for upload PEM certificate using HTML5 on web page for user.

  • There is no need to use filesystem, because storage library is much more efficient in resource consumption­e­eFile

  • Ok, but now I use simple JS sketch that not call 'fs' or 'flash' .
    //'-----END CERTIFICATE-----';
    setTimeout(function() {
    var options=url.parse("", true);
    require("http").get(options, function(res) {

    res.on('data', function(data) { console.log(data); });

    }, 5000);

  • I use file system

    ok, so this is not Espruino filesystem.

  • Yea, but it is need install SDK for build firmware with this option. Actually I looking for easy way to fix it. Because if deploy SW what reason to use JS ?, native C or C++ and ASM is not problem for me. Now, JS sketch is finished just I was forget to test for TLS, because using free MQTT and HTTP servers. Could you share/send ,If you has bin file with extended heap settings?

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TLS on ESP32, troubles for latest firmware v.2.05

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