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  • Had an idea last night that I have no idea if it is possible, so here's a shout-out for some input.

    An app where you have a few phone numbers saved that you can select and start a call. Great if you're wearing a headset, you don't have to actually pick up your phone.

    I'm still in the process of learning JavaScript and working with Gadgetbridge, BLE, etc, so before I even start looking closer into this:
    Is it even possible to make that kind of action from the Bangle.js?

    On another note, it would be cool to be able to also reject and accept calls from the watch... I see from the Gadgetbridge feature matrix that some watches have the former ability, but none have the latter.

    Thoughts and ideas are welcome.

  • I'm not sure if dialing numbers via GadgetBridge is already supported.

    From the documentation it seems there is a notification supported including a telephone number and a message:

    t:"notify", id:int, n:"DISMISS,DISMISS_ALL/OPEN/MUTE/REPLY",­
    if REPLY can use tel:string(optional), msg:string

    I don't know though what this triggers, just a message or a phone call.
    EDIT: Just tested this: it sends a text message (SMS) to the provided number.

    What is already support is accepting/rejecting incoming calls using

    It is only a matter of integrating it into GadgetBridge.

    I guess the question is, how do we deal with all the different GB widget ideas? I got many ideas myself and I am planning on forking my own GB widget to have it customized for my needs and wishes.

  • Hm... Looking at that there is also this:


    What does START do? Will have to test...

    The Phone call app wouldn't have a widget, but for rejecting and accepting a call I was also thinking of adding it to the existing GB widget. Once I get a hang of this I'm also planning on making my own forks so I can get things just the way I want them.

  • What does STARTdo? Will have to test...

    If you are willing to read into the GB source code, you can find it here:­etbridge

  • I'm currently working on splitting up the gbridge app into several feature focused apps/widgets.
    You can find my gadgetbridge call control app here:­ree/new-gbridge-apps/apps/gbcall.
    I think I will create a pull request in the next days.

  • I did see your PR for gbnotify, and did also look at your repo for the other parts. Can't wait to try it out.

  • Interesting idea! Did it ever come to fruition? i.e. can a call be made (initiated) from Bangle.js via GadgetBridge to a number or numbers?

    I'm really hoping the answer is "Yes" :-)

  • It looks like it could be done with some minor changes to Gadgetbridge - right now it looks like you can send a start call request, but no phone number can be specified.

  • Thanks @Gordon

    Are you referring to GadgetBridge on the Bangle.js side or the F-Droid App side?


  • It's both - the Android app would need changes and you need an app on Bangle.js to actually make the calls

  • Thanks @Gordon

    Too big a project and out of my scope. Perhaps this will become a feature in time...


    PS: really appreciate your responses.

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App idea - Phone call

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