VS Code intellisense for Espruino libs

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  • Hi everyone,

    Since I'm doing most of my development work for the Bangle in VS Code I would like to know if anyone has managed to integrate the Espruino libs into Code's intellisense. If yes, how did you do that?

  • Maybe it is possible to create the input from the source code.

    The reference page is created via script from the source code using build_docs.py

  • Does this help at all? http://www.espruino.com/Typescript+and+V­isual+Studio+Code+IDE

    It came up earlier that it might be a bit out of date (and it's for Typescript) but it might be a way to get started.

    The Espruino IDE uses Tern's type declaration format for its type info and docs: http://www.espruino.com/json/espruino.js­on

    I'm not sure if something exists already, but if not it might make sense to try and write something that created Intellisense type info files from those, as I keep them up to date already for the IDE

  • The espruino.json should be a good starting point. I'll try to look into it, the coming weekend.

  • @msdeibel Did you get it to work?

  • Didn't get to work on it yet. Also looks like I won't be for another few weeks :(

  • I use vs code for almost everything including web bluetooth development. I would be interested in using it for espruino. Do you have any template as a starting point? I would like to know how hard would it be to setup debugging for espruino in vs code. Let me know if you have that setup.

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VS Code intellisense for Espruino libs

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