HEX vs ZIP firmware?

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  • The latest builds of Pixl firmware are in HEX format. Are these able to be flashed to the device from the nRF Connect app?

  • Thanks for letting me know - no, they can't be flashed. I think they issue may be that the cutting edge builds have become too big for the flash memory available.

    I'll try and get this sorted ASAP

  • I know you're busy right now, no worries, but as a Dev-Ops guy I'd be glad to pitch in if it's a build pipeline thing.

  • Thanks! Sadly I think it's actually just that recent additions for Bangle.js have bumped the firmware size up - so I need to find a way of saving a few bytes :)

  • Actually I take it back - it's to do with Python versions! pip install nrfutil failed

    The stupid thing is that in https://travis-ci.org/github/espruino/EsĀ­pruino/builds/667143007, pip install nrfutil worked for BANGLEJS and failed for everything else!

    So yes, if you're able to help figure it out, it'd be great! I just tried pushing something forcing a higher Python version, but I guess we'll see if that fixes it or breaks everything :)

  • I went to take a look at the travis logs and noticed you already made a change to update to python 3.6 on the travis build and subsequent builds succeeded, so it looks like it's good to go!

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HEX vs ZIP firmware?

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