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  • Hello i'm trying to simulate a mouse with a HC-sr04.

    it works well with the x,y coord for the mouse from the example

    mouse.send(0,valueFromHcSR04,mouse.BUTTO­NS.NONE); // X movement, Y movement, buttons pressed

    in the report descriptor from here, there is line for x, y and mouseScroll 0x038
    description commented found on sparkfun's forum

      0x09,   0x30,
      0x09,   0x31,
      0x09,   0x38,

    How to send a mousescroll ? and which value should i send?

    best regards


  • it works like that


    where sens is equal 1 or -1 for scrollup or down

  • How to get mouse position (coords x,y) and not mouse mouvement?
    how to use a mouse mouvement in a webpage when mouse is down to the screen?


  • Thanks for posting up how to send the scrollup/down - that's great.

    You're asking how to send Absolute Position? Much like a tablet/touchscreen?

    I think what you need is USBTablet: http://www.espruino.com/USB#tablet

    However I don't think that supports a wheel by default! To get that you'll have to make your own HID report descriptor by mashing the wheel's descriptor into the tablet bit...


    But at that point my knowledge is at an end - you'll have to consult Google and use some trial and error to figure out what will work.

  • Thanxs @Gordon for the HIDtablet...
    but in my browser, i'm enable to fire an event
    no touchstart
    no mouse click
    no mousemove

    which event do i listen?


  • i tested chrome app with Serial connection...
    the example to connect an espruino in the google github doesn't work !
    The console.log output (or print()) is huggly to parse in a browser and lot of frame (1/3) are lost even in 9600baud...
    is there a better way to "print" to the serial port? (for sure there is but i'm a stupid graphic designer with too few knowledge in code) ;)

    thanks for your help


    ps: i'm looking for a "simple way" to introduce "tangible interface" (input from real world) for graphic design's students (with html5 and js bases NO Processing.org)... i'm testing chrome-app ... it's not the best way but the "easiest". (for my pov to combine : cheap hardware +html5/css/js (webtech) + newb.
    ok, i have to coming out: "i love espruino for learning only one langage to code Hardware and Web..."
    i have a lot of arduino compatible board but... i do not like the langage... therefore they take dust...

  • Honestly I'm not sure about the USBTablet stuff - it may be it wasn't recognised by your PC?

    Wow, first I've come across that 'connect to espruino' example. I can't get it to work either - but to be honest those hosted Chrome apps are being removed by Google soon anyway.

    How about trying this: https://github.com/espruino/EspruinoWebT­ools#uartjs

    It should be just what you want - it'll work off any HTTPS page as long as you view in an up to date Chrome web browser. Right now you have to enable it in chrome://flags (https://codelabs.developers.google.com/c­odelabs/web-serial/#2) but in a few months that won't be needed.

    You can use the Web Serial API directly, but the uart.js wrapper should provide a nice interface around it.

  • Gorgeous!
    I tested uart.js. Works fine and just as i need.
    Thanks very much @Gordon for your work.
    I took some time to request a serialapi token. It works in local (i was afraid to have to work online but i does not)
    I’m a happy guy. I have all i need.

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HID scrollMouse

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