nRF52-DK WEB-IDE connection fails ...

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  • Hello,

    I've done something silly, I had an older nRF52-DK loaded with Espruino 2.00 (latest that applies) and was delighted that it seemed to discover/connect faultlessly via the Web-IDE link with a recent Chrome browser on my older Ubuntu 16.04 workstation.

    Today I did several experiments changing the bootloader (mBed dap) instance on the board, and then upgrading the bootloader via JlinkEXE 6.5x under Ubuntu 16.04. I did a lot of drag and dropping of several pre-compiled BLE apps, again just experimenting.

    After, I tried to go back to my initial condition, that is Jlink driver from the Nordic site, and Espruino v. 2.00 the web-serial connection works OK, but my web-ble does not?! Nordic Connect on my MotoE finds the Espruino-DK ble advertisement, and the uart service will connect.

    I get a failure to web-ble pair in one instance, and then it refuses to start at all next time. I can't see what I could have changed visa vie my previous Espruino install???

    Any ideas what I've done wrong restoring this cool functionality?


  • Correction Espruino firmware was at 2.01...

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    • Espruino 2.01 Web-ble working!.png
  • So a complete, patient reboot, and being persistent on making the connection gets me here.
    The web-serial and ble connection both work, which is ideal. Can't be sure what I did, except the Jlink OB fimrware off the Nordic webpage, and Espruino V2.01 can be made work on Ubuntu 16.04, and the latest Chrome.

    The web-ble connection seems to be considerably slower than the web-usb, which I did not notice last time.

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    • Screenshot from 2020-02-01 13-40-50.png
  • Paradoxically, upgrading the Jlink firmware with JLinkExe 6.62a fixed the slow BLE uplink.

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    • JLInkExe 6.62a upgrade Jlink nRF52-DK.png
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nRF52-DK WEB-IDE connection fails ...

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