Measuring stress from pulseox variability?

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  • Apparently the variability between inter-heartbeat frequency is quite a good indicator of stress.

    Do you know if its possible to access the data to this degree, or is it a matter of asking the heartbeat sensor for a heart rate and getting an answer?

    (You'd need a kind of OnPulse watcher!)

  • Yes, you can do it - the standard heartbeat detector that's built in doesn't do this since it uses a autocorrelation approach, but you can still access the raw data and figure it out from there - although the data is very noisy whenever you move your hand so you'd have to put a lot of effort in to filter the data.

    Of course you can get a decent idea very easily just by comparing the BPM values you'll get from the built in detector every few seconds and seeing if they change noticeably.

  • Thanks. I'm not sure comparing BPM values would work as the variability is fairly slight, and would be masked by reading multiple pulses in a row.

    Going to carry on playing with my puck for a bit, but pretty sure I know what my next watch is going to be :-)

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Measuring stress from pulseox variability?

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