What about a contest for watch faces for Bangle.js?

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  • Sat 2020.01.11

    @Abhinav just posted a solution to a Pac Man seconds consumer,


    to which @Andrewmk created an on Bangle device video solution:


    It dawned on me that a contest for best watch face should be on the horizon. Ideas anyone?

    Thanks to the others that contributed, see full post there.

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    pac-man animation
    Posted on Thu 2nd, January 2020

  • Could be a good idea, yes. Although honestly it seems like there's not much motivation required to produce great watch faces :)

    IMO some kind of contest for apps would be pretty cool though - but that's only really fair when everyone from KickStarter has got their watches.

  • This is one of the projects I'm interested in. I'm more of an artist than a programmer, and am wanting to create something that gives Bangle.js a little more pop. I'll more than likely participate if there is a contest. :D

  • @PlaidFox: I believe I am not really a programmer too. Bangle.js gave me the opportunity to implement a simple watch face with the minimalist 2x3 pixel numerical digit font I came up with. See 2x3 Pixel Clock :-) The attached picture displays 17:49. Some other digits like 2 or 5 are more challenging to read. Programming was relatively simple thanks to @Gordon great API.

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What about a contest for watch faces for Bangle.js?

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