Experiments with my Bangle.js device

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  • In the last few days I had some spare time - so I played around with my developer unit and wrote down what I did and found.

    If anyone is interested, look at my web page related to Bangle.js. It's currently in German, but I hope to be able to translate it until end of this week.

    Kudos to Gordon for his marvellous work - it's fun working with Bangle.js!

  • Wow, that's amazing - a ridiculous amount of work has gone into that!

  • Hopefully, its not so "ridiculous"...

    But, to be honest, I have my own kind of Wiki which makes generating and maintaining my web site (hopefully) relatively easy.

    And, concerning the contents: it's so incredibly (ridiculously?) easy to work with the Bangle.js, that it's just fun to produce these contents (and I have by no means documented everything yet!)

    How's your family?

  • @Andreas_Rozek

    Andreas, außerordentlich hilfreiche Seiten! - Exceptionally detailed and true to the language... staying away from Neu-(Hoch-)Deutsch. A strong counter weight to the often lukewarm articles found on heise.de online, lest the polemic, unresearched and plain ignorant comments... (comments to make the race of having the most comments: There is no reason for me decry pasta when I prefer potatoes... 2cts about that... btw, I love both: the hybrid approach proves to be the most resilient way to take advantage of a rapidly changing, multi faceted world).

    With so much excitement though comes my frustration with my own age and the apple aqua mania: a little gray in gray and hard to read because of contrast - or absence of it... I know that style - and colors and branding and... - are a matter in the eyes of the beholder, but there are tools to get both - your cake AND to eat it. Give one of the links found with

    https://www.google.com/search?q=ada+cont­rast+test&oq=ada+contrast+test a shot.

    Btw: I like @Gordon's reference to ridiculous... it's like in many other language contexts where the opposite is used to describe something for which the commenter just ran short of the word(s) suitable to the fact(s). You have to go far to get a more sincere compliment...

  • You mean the gray "chips" you may click on?

    Well, actually I wanted them to stay a bit away from ordinary text to give you kind of a TL;DR when collapsed and more details when expanded.

    Let me see what I can do about the contrast. Wait for an announcement in this thread to check again.

    Thanks anyway for the positive review!

  • Urvw. Looking forward to get my imagination stretched.

  • Ok, try and reload the main page for Bangle.js - what do you think? I can definitely live with that color choice.

    The other pages will follow by tomorrow.

  • You mean the gray "chips" you may click on?

    Oh, those are clickable? How should one guess that? It does not look like link or button and the mouse or the 'button' does not change when hovering over it.

  • Hovering - good idea!

    Ok, try and reload the main page for Bangle.js - those "chips" now show a "pointer" cursor when hovering over them.

    Again, the other pages will follow tomorrow.

  • @Andreas_Rozek What a nice delayed Chistmast gift, great work. Many thanks for sharing.

  • Much better, now when you click it the whole revealed section has this pointer too which is a bit strange (especially when there are some links inside revealed text) but it folds back in when clicked anywhere inside so it somehow makes sense. Thanks.

  • Hmm, let me see if I can find a better solution. The technical trick behind those folded sections is that they do not require any JavaScript. I.e., you will get the same experience even with JavaScript disabled.

    In addition, I will also have to find a solution for smartphones and tablets which do not have the notion of "hovering".

    Ok, I just added some downwards pointing triangles to the chips and removed the cursor from expanded sections - better now?

  • Just to let you know: I've meanwhile uploaded my rerendered web pages with notes on the Bangle.js.

    If you find any mistakes or have any other complaints, please tell me.

    I still have to translate all that stuff, though.

  • Sat 2020.01.11

    'It's currently in German, but I hope to be able to translate it until end of this week'
    post #13 'I still have to translate all that stuff, though.'

    Marvelous tool I use frequently:


  • Good morning,

    I prefer deepl.com, which produces much better results - but thanks for the hint anyway.

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Experiments with my Bangle.js device

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