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  • Hi,

    I just wrote yet another clock app, Bold Clock. I wanted it to be simple, readable and practical analog clock.
    So it's drawn with thick lines and turn on LCD when "faceUp" event occurs.

    You can install it from my github page (look for "Bold Clock")

    or try it on emulator­ml?codeurl=­angleApps/apps/boldclk/bold_clock.js&upl­oad

    There are still console log messages left for debugging. I'll iterate and may send PR if it deemed usable.

    I have been looking for a programmable watch with heart rate monitor for long time. And I'm super happy to get hold of a beta unit.

    I used to play around with Ruputer watch from Seiko which run DOS twenty years ago. Bangle.js reminds me of the exciting times ;-)

  • ...reminds me of this famous railway station clock - still in production and service - all over the place and it was so enticing to apple that apple took the risk of patent / copyright infringement... but got settled for certain apple products w/ undisclosed conditions...

    The face - UI - and clock behavior - UX - were designed in 1944 by Hans Hilfiker, more than 75 years ago, and is still young and going - on every train platform... and trains pull out on the jumping second hand! homage to the signal disk waved by the station master when telegraph lines were considered high-tech and the only electrical / electro mechanical communication thing...

    You can see a running example at­c ... the minute hand though jumps about 7 seconds late and details and proportions are a bit off.

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  • Yes, I'm aware of the swiss railway clock and it's been an inspiration for its simplicity and readability. I hope mine is still different enough.

    By the way, I also made a couple of simple widgets:
    Pedometer widget and Digital clock widget.

  • Cool stuff - thanks for sharing

    Pedometer widget

    please increase the font size as you have 23 pixel height for widgets

  • Thanks for trying out, MaBe!
    Well, I originally had it in larger font size but it took too much width so I reduced to the current size.

    Widgets work in fixed width and the Pedometer widget currently takes 48 pixels (= six letters in two times 4x6 font size) which I still hope to reduce further...

  • That's great - and thanks for doing the PR for it on GitHub!

    Just a note though - the LCD should turn on automatically with the faceUp event so there's no need for you to do it manually. I should also be improving the firmware a bit soon so you have more control over when Espruino automatically turns the watch face on too - the more stuff that can be made generic so it works with all clock faces the better :)

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Bold clock app

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