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  • Hello again,

    since "Terminal" does not seem to work on the emulator, I'm currently experimenting with text output using the graphics object itself.

    This is why I wondered how many characters one could show per line using the default font (see this Gist, which you may also immediately load into the emulator and run).

    The answer is: you can show 60 characters per line!

    This means just 4 pixels per character (including spacing!)

    I do not know how it will look on a real device, but it seems still readable on my desktop (ok, I have to admit, it uses a retina display...)

  • Yep, it's reasonably readable :) Thanks for the gist + emulator links - they're really helpful :)

  • Ah well,

    what is really, really helpful is that you implemented that feature into your emulator!!!!

    Thanks a lot for all your effort!

    (now I'm eagerly waiting for my first Bangle.js device)

  • @Andreas_Rozek: Isn't it 40 characters (not 60)?
    Meaning 6 pixels per character including 1 pixel spacing.

  • Well,

    it WAS 60 when I first tried it (that's why I was able to print a complete ASCII table on the display) but, it seems as if the default font would have changed recently.

    @Gordon: did you change default settings when updating the emulator? How can I explicitly set the font I used yesterday?

    [EDIT] I meanwhile found out, that calling


    will change everything back for my test (Gists have been updated accordingly). Normally, switching to the larger font might be a good idea - as long as developers know that they could display more text, if necessary.

  • ...made a cheap terminal a while ago (on a different, but comparable display)... text goes around...­583/

  • Wow, great - thank you very much!

  • Ahh - yes, it's because I modified the Emulator to use more of Bangle.js's code - which sets the font from 4x6 to 6x8 by default.

    I'm trying to move more towards g.setFont("4x6") as g.setFontBitmap() isn't as obvious :)

  • Thank you!

    I've updated my Gists accordingly.

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number of characters per line

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