Espruino to excel.

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  • I am reading a humidity sensor with the espruino and would like to know if it is possible to save this data in excel.

  • There are examples to push to google spreadsheet doc via wifi... and from there you can get it into excel. Get an Espruino-Pico and ESP8266 - or even better and sinpler: Esrpruino-Wifi - see­269510/ and­576/ and­ger

    Alternative, you can use Espruino Web IDE built-in testing feature which can log what ever data and on what ever interval you want - when connected - and pull this - with some massage-ing (.csv ?) into a spread sheet.

  • There's a quite in depth tutorial on logging data here as well:­

    If it's not that much data (~1000 items) then it's probably easiest to just display it in the Web IDE console and then copy and paste it into excel as mentioned there and in @allObjects'­ger link.

    However another option is to log it to an SD card as a CSV file. The Original Espruino has an SD card connector on board

  • I am collecting data on a Puck.js (thus without a SD card), and there is over a thousand samples.
    Is there an alternative way to retrieve those data to a file on my computer?
    @Robin suggested to build a Html web page that accesses the device.

  • @sebi

    while disconnected for times, you still need storage space... and that may require to add some hardware - serial flash - into your puck.
    When then at times connected, it can be pulled with all the help and hints you get from mentioned suggestions.

    Operating this space needs also power... so think of a 'backpack' for Puck.js... may be a custom 3D printed case w/ additional or replaceable power supply compartment... You can just redo the hard part of the encasing and reuse the silicon for sealed closing but easy access.

  • Yes, if you don't want to use the IDE then building a webpage seems like a good bet.­eading-from-puck-js has some information.

    The simplest way would be to call Puck.eval repeatedly - you may not be able to read everything in one chunk if there's not enough RAM to store the JSON formatted output, but by reading in chunks you don't have to do anything fancy and can also get a progress bar pretty easily!

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Espruino to excel.

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