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  • @Gordon but I am now having an issue where I am getting BLE error 0x6 and BLE error 0x8 with setScan() ? This is the same code I am running fine on nrf52832 hardware. Any thoughts ?

  • Ok. Recent commit should have fixed that - Nordic made some big changes to advertising in their SDK15

  • Looks like it's working!
    Tried to merge Nordic's long-range demo with Espruino, but no luck. Any chance of getting BLE long-range in Espruino? Would be great :)

  • Honestly, right now I'll settle with just having an nRF52840 port working reliably. It looks like adding support for long range advertisements via setScan is pretty easy, but I'm unsure about connections themselves.

    If/when there's a nRF52840-based Espruino I imagine things will improve pretty quickly, but right now it's hard to justify much development time on.

  • :( but totally understandable. Thanks!

  • Excellent news, I have loaded the latest hex and my app is running. The only thing I am noticing at the moment is that I am getting occasional UART_OVERFLOW errors with serial to the BG96 and so commands are getting corrupted

  • That's interesting - thanks! That's a tricky one. Is it more prevalent than on the nRF52832 RAK trackers? The UART code should be identical I believe.

    Perhaps it would be possible to tell the BG96 to operate at a lower baud rate?

  • @Gordon
    Issue using setWatch function on D16 port (LIS3DH).
    I have the latest espruino firmware on RAK5010 board and for testing I use the following code:

    function test(){

    setWatch(test, D16, {repeat:true, edge:"rising", debounce:0});

    What I'm doing wrong ? Any help/suggestion appreciated from You Sir. Thanks.

  • Hi, What you're doing looks ok.

    Are you definitely using the RAK5010? And with the latest firmware?

    Pin D16 isn't brought out to any IO pins on the edge, it appears to be connected to the interrupt line of one of the sensors, so to use it you'd need to first configure the sensor to be on and output an IRQ signal, and you may even need to put the pin into pullup state.

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RAK5010 NB-IoT Tracker

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