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  • There is a new thingy out there , the thingy:91.­Tools/Prototyping-platforms/Nordic-Thing­y-91

    I wonder if it would be possible to adapt espruino to this device, I love the thingy:52.

  • Wow, very cool! It's not cheap though...

    Well, Espruino would definitely run on the nRF52840 in there, and then hopefully it's just AT commands to the nRF91. If it's anything like the Thingy:52 then it'll take a while to get all the sensors working nicely, but I guess they may have re-used basically the same stuff.

    Nordic actually pay me to support the Thingy:52 but they've been reluctant to support other boards because they don't get feedback that people like using Espruino on their devices.

    If people seriously want this, keep asking Nordic (@NordicTweets on Twitter) and if they realise enough people want it that may pay me to do the relevant dev/support work to get a good build.

  • I will definitely be asking Nordic, I bet a ton of people find the thingy as a fun platform for espruino. I'll continue to be an evangelist for espruino in my community. I keep showing my friends and coworkers how easy espruino is to pickup and use. cheers!

  • Thanks! Let's hope they decide to support it - it'd make for a really exciting little device.

  • That’s definitely one exciting device. I’m using Espruino in outreach projects that are focused on IoT sensor technology, and this would be the best matching device that exists in the market. Just a real shame they don’t have LoRaWAN on board :(( I’d love to see an Espruino equivalent of LoPy4 our FiPy with PySense (or maybe see Espruino ported to these :)

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