Tutorial / "blog" sites for makers / hackers

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  • Kind of off-topic, but I'm curious about other opinions about various hardware oriented tutorial / blog-ish sites. The question partially triggered by Gordon's Espruino project write up announcement.
    My thoughts just browsing content on the sites:
    Instructables: no visible post date, but you can read the entire thing without registering or signing up. At first glance it's only for completed projects. Clean layout.
    Hackaday IO: The UI is not so clean, but I kind of like it. Other than the black theme (I know, I'm a freak :) )
    Hackster IO: Insists on signing up to read content freely created by other people. Ofc, I can open in a private window, but that means if I find something interesting, it's not in my history. And smells like Medium...

    Your thoughts? Do you know any other worth mentioning? Editing experience?

  • Interesting about Hackster's sign up policy. I wasn't aware of that. Hackster definitely feels like the most 'aggressive' site, but that does mean they seem to actively publicise posts quite well.

    Personally I haven't seen much interest come from Hackaday.io, but often they'll feature projects in Hackaday itself which gets you a load of readers. It feels to me like it's the best place for in-progress projects though?

    Instructables is older and feels like they're not trying to grab more users, but there are loads of readers and I've found I get quite a few views from projects I post there. It's also a much wider range of readers - you get all kinds of making (not just electronics) which is really neat.

    There's also https://www.electromaker.io/ which seems a bit newer - I'm not too sure about them, I haven't heard too much.

    I'd be interested in any other things that are out there as well :)

  • HacksterIO is definitely quite annoying, but nothing like a clear cookies extension can handle :) That way it stops the annoying login gate, but keeps the article in my history.

    Currently though my go-to site surprisingly would be Youtube. I have an hour's walk to work, and another hour's walk back home and listening to (while occasionally watching) interesting tutorials or technical notes during the walk allows me to catch up on stuff.

  • Thanks - YouTube is a really good point.

    As far as making videos for it goes, I'd say it can be a bit of a pain unless you're used to doing it - but you can always screen record and use the Web IDE's webcam mode. It's not great, but good enough.

  • I created videos with https://camstudio.org/ some time ago and would agree to Gordon (it can be a bit of pain, unless .....). Talking and using the mouse at same time, often results in different speed of both, and use of bad words ......

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Tutorial / "blog" sites for makers / hackers

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