Recognize kill/idle for blacklist

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  • Taking waveform as an example, we have
    "type" : "idle", "generate" : "jswrap_waveform_idle",

    how could I recognize that this belongs somehow to class Waveform ?

  • You can't really - but when you get to that stage I think we need to think about blacklisting entire C files, not functions. If you blacklist individual init/kill/idle functions you're basically guaranteed to break something.

  • Lets start a discussion ;-)
    blacklisting C files looks dangerous to me.
    I could imagine to blacklist jswrap*.c files, but even that, at least for me, is like a mine field.
    May be we could add some more defines to remove blocks of software, like waveform

    My idea was to use wildcard to remove idle/init/kill which belong to a class
    We could add class to wrapper with type idle
    It could be set for waveform, and would be empty for pipe.

    Going through your list, I tried to get an overview what init idle and kill are used for

    • init looks mainly important for some boards and for net, bluetooth. There is no need to blacklist them, we already have defines for that
    • idle is used for waveform, serial and pipe. IMHO serial and pipe should never be blacklisted, waveform could be blacklisted
    • kill usage is a mix, blacklist it for waveform should cause no problem
  • I think blacklisting whole files is one of the safest ways to work since we try and keep all the code reasonably modular - Waveform especially should work really well if the file is just left out of the build.

    But maybe defines are the way forward - as you note I think Waveform is the only thing where you can't disable it some other way so rather than trying to build some complex addition, we could just change that.

    However I do wonder how much flash memory will be saved by disabling it - not much I imagine.

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Recognize kill/idle for blacklist

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