Repository for Espruino extensions

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  • Gordon keeps care on quality and usability of Espruino, and he is doing a perfect job.

    But sometimes somebody somewhere somehow creates his own SuperDuper functions.
    Functions, that could be of interest for others
    Together with EFEU, see­334202/newest/ a first small repository is available now with first couple of nice extensions.

    If you are interested and would like to add your own extensions, please create a pull request for this repository­ensions

  • Just added a DigitalPort extension, to above repository
    Especially guys in my age will have been waiting for this ;-)­ensions/tree/master/General/Digital

  • These extensions are only for standard boards? What if I want to make a 'non-standard' board out of a standard one, eg, use MDBT42Q to make one that supports 3 SPI instead of just one (to take a random example ;-)
    Can we have a tab where the basic capabilities (eg number of SPI) can be selected?

    I like the menu pick and choose style (although I haven't tried to build one yet) and add your own extension. Can you replace modules with your own (eg jshardware.c)?

  • Also, requiring a .md file with each submission (maybe could be deferred) would go a long way toward having extensions used by someone other than original author...

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Repository for Espruino extensions

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