Uncaught TypeError: cb is not a function

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  • Hi, i am working on a little project which involves controlling the puck from a web browser. i have came across this error and cannot fix it, i have tried hard reseting it and forgetting the device on my computer, nothing works. All i am doing is switching the LED on and off.

    Anyone knows a solution ?

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  • Maybe you could post up the code you're using?

    This is an error using the Web Bluetooth Puck.js library by the look of it (no callback function supplied?) so it's not related to the hardware at all.

  • @Qbza, your code invokes something (establishing a connection?) that expects a callback function as argument. The argument is either not supplied or what is supplied is not a function.

    As @Gordon comments: Your post includes too little to be more helpful.


Uncaught TypeError: cb is not a function

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