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  • some short feedback.

    • I've been waiting for connect info for last video chat. Got nothing (or didn't recognize ?) May be others had same problem.
    • something like a list of topics from your side would be helpful. Usually, people are interested to listen and maybe ask questions about that.
    • with other words, please present something first. You are leader of the gang. ;-)

    BTW, I started again to get a firmware build tool online. Big changes to first one are

    • use existing files instead of creating additional ones
    • support more targets, wilberforce did a lot around travis, that I can use now
    • support js source files
    • better implementation of .....

    Any idea how to get feedback/testing for that ?

  • I've been waiting for connect info for last video chat. Got nothing

    I had no idea - thanks for letting me know! Might explain why nobody attended - I'd edited the post about the chat - linked from­328256/

    Did you look at that and not see anything? Maybe Patreon cached it somehow.

    a list of topics from your side would be helpful

    Good plan about the topics to cover. To be honest I'm not that sure on what you're all interested in which is why I ask, but I'll try and come up with something as a base. What about doing something like an intro to how the interpreter works internally? Lots of opportunities for questions there!

    firmware build tool

    That's great. It's something I've been thinking about recently - the main thing that's stopped me is a security concern if people were able to upload their own code that could maybe include system files and/or take advantage of compiler bugs... However even the ability to choose what modules you need is pretty handy.

    wilberforce did a lot around travis, that I can use now

    You're thinking of using Travis to do the builds?

    Personally I'd have thought just posting on the main Espruino forums might be good to get some feedback. If you want I can mention it in a Tweet and see if you get any more usage/comments?

  • You're thinking of using Travis to do the builds?
    I think he means the provision script that uses espruinobuildtools

  • @Gordon, just found the entry in forum. Usually I visit forum randomly, and watch specific part only. So this went through without being noticed by me.
    And after searching by date, I also found the mail. It was sorted in "wrong" folder by google.
    I'm sorry about that. Anyway, it would have been too late for me that day. Is there a restriction to send it that shortly ? Getting a mail in the morning for a meeting late afternoon is sometimes challenging.

    @Gordon, could you please explain your security concerns a bit deeper ? I've an upload which checks extension of files on client and stores everything in temporary folder. I will add check of extensions on server. Its an Ubuntu server, and I've to check permissions, so they are read/write by nodejs only. One of the next steps is to create something like a lifetime for temporary folder.

    @wilberforce, as you assumed, I use provision to

    • install compiler etc, one time only
    • set variables like path or ESP-IDF to create a specific compile/make script

    Install was done manually, so I'm not sure, do I still have correct/actual version ? For example, you are working on 3.1.3. I would like to recognize that and do an automatic reload. Any suggestion from your side ?
    BTW, i checked 3.2 pre shortly, size of binary is grown one more time, and does not fit in partition anymore. Lets wait and see for release of V3.2

  • You should really have been getting notifications from Patreon when I make new posts - I sent­and-22804340 where I mentioned the video chat you missed (so 9 days before).

    It explains why I'm not getting much in the way of feedback if nobody gets notified about new Patreon posts!

    The problem is only really if you allow people to upload their own C code, and then they could #include "/usr/passwd" or similar things. Adding their own JS would be fine.

    Ahh, so yes - you mean the script? Yes, that makes life a lot easier. It might make sense to just have directories for each platform (PUCKJS,ESP32,etc) and to then run provision on them as needed.

    I still like the idea of using the user's own web browser for the build :) :

  • I'll open a new chat for the firmware creation tool in projects.
    Thats a better place.

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next videochat

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