• Hello Everyone!!

    I have been trying to load the firmware from here (https://www.espruino.com/Download) into Taiyo Yuden's Evaluation board - EBSHJN with nRF52832 with no success.

    Method of loading:

    I am using Segger Embedded studio to get this done and getting the below error

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  • Sun 2019.02.10

    There is a heading and link at the bottom of the page in the link you provided in #1 above.

    See: "Other Boards"

  • There is a little bit more details required to be of help to you...

    There is always the fallback to basic technology to get firmware onto the device by using manufacturers provided tools. @Robin refers t this Puck https://www.espruino.com/Puck.js#firmwar­e-updates page. Puck, Pjxle, and all the nRF52832 based device work for that the same way. And when bad comes to worse, use SWDIO/SWDCLK pins. Your SEGGER most most likely supports that option, but for debugging your case, you have to turn to their setup, operations and debugging section.

    After all, SEGGER may be an excellent tool, but its main orientation is not to support (STM32/ nRF52832 thru) Espruino. Espruino is for most of the needs replacing all this tech oriented setup in order to provide easy access to micro controllers technology for anybody who can operate a browser (and a phone).

    To get into the Espruino groove, take a look at reasoning/presentatios in @Gordon 's very successful Kickstarter campaigns - for his initial Original Espruino board, firmware and IDE as well as for the two other ones, Pico and Puck - latter nRF52832 based:

    There is also the Espruino youtube site, and I'm not talking about the ones about a particular application but more so about @Gordon 's presentations of Espruino at various events.

  • Just moved to the 'Other Boards' section.

    I'd contact Segger/Taiyo Yuden about how to write hex files to the device. Usually just connecting GND, SWDIO, SWDCLK and VCC is enough to get it working - the error you're getting isn't specific to Espruino.

    Other thing you could try is a full-chip erase - I've seen some companies set the readout protect flag on their modules by default, which messes up a 'normal' upload.

    When you've managed to get any hex file successfully sent to the module then you could try the nRF52832DK hex file and see if that works.

    However I should point out that if you want a module that 'just works' with Espruino then we actually sell pre-programmed MDBT42 modules: http://www.espruino.com/MDBT42Q

  • Thanks @Gordon for the quick reply there!!

    Let me try your suggestion and get back

  • Note that the debugger doesn't supply power! The board needs to be powered externally.

  • Note that the debugger doesn't supply power!

    It depends on the debugger. I'm using the nRF52832dk and it does :)

  • Mine does too - as i wired it that way. The average jlink doesn’t.

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Unable to load firmware into Taiyo Yuden's EBSHJN with nRF52832

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