CC3300 module is missing

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  • Hello,

    I own one of the original Espruino Kickstarter packages that came with a CC3300 WiFi module.

    I was just trying to make use of that module according to the description in the documentation and I am now having the problem, that the CC3300 JavaScript module cannot be found. In the Espruino IDE under Settings > Console I see the following error when trying to execute var wlan = require("CC3000").connect();:

    >>> Connected to /dev/ttyACM0
    ERROR: getURL("­/CC3000.min.js") error : Not Found
    ERROR: getURL("­/CC3000.js") error : Not Found
    WARNING: [notify_warn] Module CC3000 not found
    Found a prompt... great!

    I read in the documentation that the CC3300 has been discontinued, but does that also apply for the JavaScript module? Has it been removed on purpose?

    Any help on this would be appreciated.


  • When you update the firmware / flash Espruino - and you should do so to 2v00+ - you are asked whether to include WIZnet or CC3000. Select latter. If you did so, then I'm out of luck... and you obviously too... :

    I still have my CC3000 that I used initially for WiFi with also the Original Espruino board. But after ESP8266 got enabled and Espruino-Wifi became available, it is sitting idling. Using the ESP8266 is easier - less wires, simple serial protocol - and the modules are quite cheap.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    Initially I tried it with firmware 1v48. When that didn't work I updated the firmware to 2v01.
    Unfortunately there was no option to include CC3300 during the update, but only the options

    • WIZNet W5500
    • AT Command Networking only

    Both didn't work :-(

    Maybe I will have a look at the ESP8266, but as I don't have that available right now I wanted to use the CC3300 for the time being.

  • I think they may have dropped CC3000 support, or at least stopped building them automatically? Though I can't find any entry in the changelog to this effect....

  • Weird... when I updated to 2v00 - from a really old version, like 3 years ago, I got this question and came read about the 'departure from CC3000'. My Original Espruino board is not from the Kickstarter reward. I bought it a few months later. I have to check the updated process (in a few hours).

  • Wed 2019.01.23

    Google Is your friend using site specifier

    Google:   CC3000

    2yr ago #4

    "The CC3000 was used before the ESP8266 was available - but by comparison it's more expensive, slower, and less reliable now."­296754/   #4

    and of course the index:

    displays an icon just above the FAQ section but shows  CC3000.js  source is not there. Could it have been included (then) as an internal module like Neopixel is?

  • Just noticed the details in your require statement (sorry for the slow start):
    CC3000 is a firm-ware built-in module, that's why you do not find it in the "" Web place. You though still have to require("CC3000") it in order to use it. Btw, you do not need to provide full url to get modules from the official site, the file name (without extension(s) - is sufficient per default.

    When you go­ng and choose your board in drop-down in section Find Binary, the Espruino firmware binary builds that have no suffix are the builds that include CC3000 module. If your flashing in the IDE does not ask for CC3000 or WIZnet, you can use the Advanced Firmware Update in the SETTINGS - FLASHER to push the desired binary.

  • Hi! As @allObjects just added, the CC3000 module is built-in, so you wouldn't actually see any JS files for it.

    Unfortunately as features get added, the size of Espruino's firmware gets bigger and bigger and it gets harder to fit it into the Original board. For the 2v01 release (just a few weeks ago) I finally had to take the CC3000 support out in order to get a build that still fitted in. It's still in for the Pico because that has a bit more memory available.

    However, the 2v00 release should work fine for the Original Espruino board - if you do an advanced firmware update and then choose­no_2v00_espruino_1r3.bin then you should be fine.

    If there's demand I can look at re-adding it (maybe pulling something else down in the CC3000 build to make room for it) but honestly I assumed that since you hadn't been able to buy a CC3000 for a few years now, nobody was using them.

    edit: I'll update the docs to mention the lack of support.

  • ...the lack of support

    ...and alternatives

    PS: 2v00 vs 2v01+ explains why I still got the question of CC3000 or WIZnet: my last update of the Original Espruino board was just before 2v01 was out there.

  • Thanks alot for your support. I will downgrade to 2v00 for now, but also consider to buy an ESP8266.

    Thanks again!

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CC3300 module is missing

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