Using adafruit hardware via seesaw

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  • Adafruit has recently developed a hardware standard footprint, the "feather". They have boards that utilize the nRF52 Soc and espruino can be loaded on them and have developed "seesaw" which is their "i2c to everything" driver. The driver is open source and well documented. I was wondering if anyone had looked into (or would be willing to look into) porting seesaw into an espruino module. It would be awesome to have access to a plethora hardware with espruino software, it would be unbeatable.

  • Sat 2019.01.19

    @ioi-655321 it would have been nice if links were included in your request so observations could have been easily made, so I performed that task for you.


    'Adafruit has recently developed a hardware standard footprint, the feather'

    By recent, if you mean circa 2012­her?view=all­d/11117

    But you may have already gotten your answer from a post you authored six months ago:­309212/#comment14345691

    It appears that AdaFruit are the ones to contact and build repport . . . .

  • Hi @ioi-655321, what would be the benefit of including this?

    A egg-laying-wool-milk-pig / jack of all trades module?

    There are lots of i2c module avaiable in js, check I2C.setup(). If a moudule is missing than write and request to include.

    So you just pick what you need and include with require() to keep you code small.

  • ... @Mabe, you forgot the -flying- part of your pig. And may be we can go even further and extend it and go under water: flying and scuba diving egg laying wool milk pig! - oops, space is missing... anyway. Had fun to meet this pic.

  • The "Espruino Work" section of the forums is for people who want to pay for things to be developed using Espruino... Is that what you intended, or shall I move this post elsewhere?

    I'm not entirely sure what you're after though? It seems that seesaw is basically just an intelligent port expander - in fact it looks a lot like an Adafruit-specific copy of firmata.

    seesaw itself doesn't let you attach anything that you couldn't attach directly to Espruino - it just lets you attach more stuff.

    Of course if we could implement something that would allow access to all of Adafruit's drivers on Espruino that would be amazing, but unfortunately it seems that Adafruit are writing everything in C or Python - not JS.

  • Mon 2019.01.21

    @Gordon, in case @ioi-655321 doesn't respond timely,

    I noticed the work category also, but felt the request was more of a feature request, and as such, Espruino Work was used as the closest match. Other than Other Boards >> General I wasn't certain for a proper location either.

  • There is the What is this? sticky post as the very first post on this forum that tries to explain what this forum is for.

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Using adafruit hardware via seesaw

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