New gcc doesn't seem to work too well

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  • gcc-arm-none-eabi-7-2017-q4-major seems to compile Espruino ok, but the execution seems to end up in the default handler.

    Note I'm using the OSX build. Go back to gcc-arm-none-eabi-6-q1-update and all is fine.

    I haven't the motivation nor the skills to dig any deeper.

  • Which board was this for?

    It's not a huge surprise though... I've had repeated issues with new major GCC versions - usually if I get a release a few months after they swap major releases then it all works fine, so I assume the first one is usually broken in some odd way. There is a 7-2018 release now though which may help.

    Usually I'd recommend just sticking with the GCC version that the script tries to install (currently 6-2017-q1) as that's what I build/test with.

  • The reason i stumbled on this issue is I followed the build instructions - it seems the link gets the latest gcc release for osx. After the problems I found the earlier version that I was also using under Linux.

    This was for nrf52.

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New gcc doesn't seem to work too well

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