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  • Hello!

    I would like to check if a qr code like this:


    on the screen of the pixl can be read without a problem, but I don't have any pixl yet...

    Can someone try this please?

  • You are pushing the envelope... the pixels are so small that the smallest 'visual impurity' - such as a scratch or a small lint - in the line of sight between display and reading optics and a not perfect view angle - creating reflections / blurs - stresses error correction. Last but not least contrast is an issue as well.

  • The wikipedia says it's got lots of error correction pixels :-P

    Resampled to 57x57 pixels:

    It works fine on the screen of my Mac, in a 128*64 rectangle that has 5.4cm diagonally:

    Can someone try this please, please? :-)

  • I'm not near a Pixl at the moment, but anyone who wants to try this can use http://www.espruino.com/Image+Converter

    Even if that doesn't work, a smaller QR code containing less data (<=32 pixels so you can double it up) would be fine I'm sure.

  • Just tested - works great! Just ensure that when you import the image, black pixels really are black.

    The image converter above defaults to using white as a 1, but on a Pixl a 1 is black. You just have to tick the invert checkbox.

  • Just tested as well. It seems to work like a charm.

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  • Sweet :-)


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