Espruino Central, multiple peripherals?

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  • Probably @Gordon: Can an Espruino central connect/control more than 1 peripheral?

  • Not at the same time, no.

    It is possible to do it in the Espruino firmware with some work (and the amount of vars for code may have to be removed a bit), but right now it's not something you can do with the current firmware.

  • Hi guys,

    Any update on billsalt's question ? Is it still impossible yet ?

    Best regards.

  • Fri 2020.03.27

    @benoit Is this inquiry a continuation of this thread?

    Posted on Sat 11th, February 2017    Notification of a puck as a Central?

    or, is the peripheral request related to nRF52 PPI?

  • Sorry if it wasn't clear. My question is: is it possible - with one puck.js and using Espruino - to connect several BLE peripherals and subscribe to their characteristics ?

  • It's not possible at the moment, no...

  • Ok, sad =/

    Is it because of a webBluetooth limitation or because Espruino doesn't use Nordic sdk S132 or S140 ? -->­jsp?topic=%2Fcom.nordic.infocenter.sdk5.­v15.0.0%2Fble_sdk_app_multilink.html

    Is this feature planned in a future Espruino version ?

  • The softdevice can do it, but in order to enable it the softdevice needs more RAM, so it's less RAM available for JS applications.

    If a lot of people want it then it could be added for sure, but it's nontrivial as many of the functionality currently assumes max:1 connection - right now I've just had other priorities, but the code is all open so someone else could add it if they wanted.

  • Thanks for the explanations.
    One last question: do you think this feature be implemented with inline C? Or is it too complicated?

  • Too complicated - since the softdevice needs more RAM, the whole of Espruino needs to move addresses.

    One of the reasons it's not being prioritised - it might be useful for maybe 5% of users, but it'll reduce available memory for 100% of users, all of the time.

  • I understand, thanks for the details. I will look for other solutions.
    Best regards.

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Espruino Central, multiple peripherals?

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