Bug in setBusyIndicator ?

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  • This leaves the red led on...

    function onInit () {

    when obviously it can't be busy...

  • You're probably connected by USB? The device doesn't bother going to sleep when it's on USB because it knows power consumption isn't a big deal.

    Also, does the LED go off when you connect with the Web IDE? What can happen is the software ends up waiting to send characters over USB (even if it's only Loading xyz bytes from flash... Running onInit().... When the IDE or a terminal is connected then they can drain and the device can return to sleep.

  • Ok, I just did some tests and it seems that's not actually what happens (at least not in this case).

    After first boot the LED gets set into the wrong state for some reason. I've just added something to fix it.

  • I'm running it from a wall charger, no USB comms!

  • Gordon for president! Thanks. The next fw is going to be 2.0?

  • Yes. We're long due a release but there are one or two things I want to get sorted first.

  • I think I've seen already a reference to fw 2v00 somewhere in the docs :-)

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Bug in setBusyIndicator ?

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