relay shield for pixl.js?

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  • Can anyone recommend an arduino relay shield that has two or more channels that can be used on a pixl.js? I was looking at:­2440 but im not sure if that will work safely with the pixl.

  • Sun 2018.09.17

    @d0773d, are you in it for the quick and easy, or are you up for a minor technical challenge and learning experience?

    @allObjects created a nice post on connecting relays using two separate methods:

    Quick Start Best Practices - Connecting a relay using isolation - optocoupler - 2 Relay Board Module

    Just noticed you posted the original Pico flavor for a 2 relay module

  • I'd say the Seeed one looks good - they have a WiFi page on it here:­_v3/

    Where it mentions that it works fine on 3.3v Arduino boards.

    There also seem to be a load of relay shields in that kind of layout/form factor - eg this one on eBay that look promising. I've ordered one to check it out - it's possible their little transistor circuit works in such a way that it tries to put 5v on Pixl.js's IO pins (which wouldn't be good news), but if they're sensible it should be fine.

    If you can find any example code and sending a 1 turns the relay on then you should be fine.

  • Ok, I can confirm - I got this relay shield that says CAIALEX Relay Shield V1.0 catalex.taobaocom on the back.

    It works perfectly - you just need to connect the Vin and 5v solder jumper on the Pixl.js (or manually add a patch wire to the sockets on the top of the relay shield).

    The 4 relays are then available on D4,D5,D6 and D7. Sending a 1 turns them on, 0 is off

  • Good to know. Thanks @Gordon to verify compatibility - w/ pixl - and positive logic: Relays on D4, D5, D6 and D7 of Pixl. Since Pixl as display AND MC board is on top, operation of the shields is always in 'upside down'... To be visual:

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  • @Gordon @allObjects @Robin

    My apologies for such a delayed response. I over looked the "Notify me by email" in my email inbox :-/

    Thank you guys for your responses! I will hunt around ebay for the shield. Also Gordon, thank you for the writeup seems rather straight forward.

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relay shield for pixl.js?

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