ESP-IDF V3.1 is available

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  • Just found this in ESP32 ForumĀ­eases/tag/v3.1
    Will start end of next week to get it running for Espruino.
    In a first very quick check got this:

    • mbedTLS: Update to v2.9.0, as mentioned in this forum this causes some problems
    • Add option to continue running if PSRAM was enabled but not detected at boot will bring us tons of variables
    • mbedTLS: Updated to v2.12.0, how does this match to change above ?
  • ...moving target... carpet is pulled away from under your feet... that's the bad new, but a better carpet is pulled under them at the same time... Angriff ist die beste Verteidigung aka attack is the best defense - or more positively said: pressing forward. It means work and uncertainty, but yields anyway a better result... at least what the promise is... or is believed in... always assuming that the new version is really better and not just a shift of the problems of the past.

  • Yeah, I read they have 3.2 in beta -- so keep your seatbelts on :P

    That said, this release has some very interesting features -- if I understand correctly. Specifically:

    • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modem sleep support

    • Bluetooth A2DP source support (if this is what I think it is -- pairing with Bluetooth Audio Devices)

    • Automatic Light Sleep feature...."Average current in Wi-Fi Station mode, when connected to AP (DTIM=1) is 3.1mA. This is 10x lower than the average current in modem sleep mode under the same scenario (30mA)."

    • Wi-Fi mesh functionality (ESP-MESH) (this could be VERY cool down the road...)

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ESP-IDF V3.1 is available

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