Physical connection of motor

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  • Hi,

    Not strictly related to espruino, hope its ok :)

    I want to attach this to a cog/something to turn it into a pulley (see my other post from months ago about a chicken door). Thing is there's loads of cheap cog kits on amazon, but they are all for circular shafts, not a flat ended one like this.

    Is there an online shop where I can get bits for the physical attachment of things like this?

    Any help/pointers appreciated, Lloyd.

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  • If your pulley or gear or... has a - at least one - screw to fasten on the axle and has the same diameter, you are just fine. Mount it with the screw perpendicular to the flat surface on the axle.

    If the pulley or gear or... is just pressed over the axle, use some two-component raisin glue and glue it onto the axle - hot glue may not good enough. Better is when you file a notch in the center bore of it, place that notch over the flattened area of the axle and wedge / slide / press a nail or thick solid wire - called key - in and add some hod glue that oozes out on both ends to prevent slipping out of the key.

    Since this all very low speed, it does not matter when it is not 100% centered...

  • What is the diameter of the shaft? Size of the gear/cog/pulley?

    S&H might make cost prohibited, but Grainger for shaft keys.Ā­ock/fasteners/ecatalog/N-8kl

    The more I think about it, what about the local hardware store. Surely they might have keys or raw stock for pulley systems, garage door, garden tractor. Or, automotive, fan wheels, defroster etc. Bicycle shop. Blacksmith, forge, welder for welding rod, a machinist. Someone that repairs lawn mowers.

    If low revs as @allObjects suggests, what about making your own key out of an aluminum can, by making several folds out of a strip? Although aluminum, it should work without slipping. Grind down a screw or nail.

  • As @allObjects says, for mounting a circular hole to something with a flat, some kind of screw in the side, perpendicular to the shaft works really well.

    I have a set of 'taps' and in the past I have just drilled and tapped a 3mm thread, then just screwed a 3mm bolt or grub screw into the side of the pulley.

  • McMaster Carr ( might have something that will do the trick?

    They're the digikey of mechanical stuff.

  • Thanks all, sorry didn't get email notifications so didn't pick up.

    Unfortunately there isnt' a local hardware store (I am fairly rural), and the electronics shop in the nearest city shut down a few years ago. Will take a look at, or take a stab on some amazon cog sets :)

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Physical connection of motor

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