Send commands from other powerful devices

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  • I found this tweet and want to do the same using my puck or puxl.
    On the video a voice command is recognised by a software on a laptop and then a command is sent via usb to a device.­024621385560276992?s=20

    But I don't know how to send send commands to my Espruino from, say, macos or Android.

    Please, list the ways I can do it. I'm very noob.
    Want to make that part of my Espruino presentation.

  • edit: oops. sorry - wrong thread!

  • Hi - so if you're using Puck.js or Pixl.js you probably want to use Bluetooth LE?

    On MacOS or Android you could use a website with Web Bluetooth - it's definitely the easiest way and there's a tutorial here:­tooth

    There are a bunch of ways of doing speech recognition on a website - I just hacked something together using Annyang which was the first library I found for speech recognition when I Googled:­/voice.html

    Just click above, click 'start' and connect to your Puck/Pixl and also let it use your microphone, then try saying Turn on and turn off

    source here:­­.html

  • Omg. You're a speedy hacker! Trying it now.
    Thank you.

  • It just works. :)

  • Great! It'd be really cool to have it do something more useful though. I guess you could set Puck.js up with some IR remote control codes and then you could use it to control your TV/etc by voice :)

  • I've just quick demoed it on a meetup. Gonna do a full presentation next month.

    I was told today that some people ordered few devices after the last month talk. 😁

    My idea is to turn on/off the aircon. And maybe adjust temperature. We'll see.

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Send commands from other powerful devices

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