Espruino Shop (and Pixl.js preorders)

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  • For the last few years I have sold Espruino boards via Tindie, which has worked out pretty well.

    However there are a few issues - like a lack of non-dollar currencies, having to go to a different website to buy, and most of all, the lack of tax calculations. I've had to charge 20% extra to everyone regardless of whether you were in the EU or not, which artificially inflates the price for non-EU citizens.

    So I've decided to launch Over time I'll add more products - for instance starter kits - but right now it's got all the Espruino boards, as well as:

    • The new Espruino Pixl.js - it's not in stock just yet, but is in production and I should have stock before 15 May. I've decided to take preorders for it so I have a better idea of demand.
    • Pre-programmed Bluetooth MDBT42 modules
    • As well as accessories like the Puck.js covers

    Please take a look! for the first week I'm offering 15% off if you use the code HELLOWORLD at checkout - first week is now over I'm afraid. You'll still find the shop good value though!

  • I forgot the code , nooo! Well your dooing a wonderfull thing here. So IM fine :)

  • I ordered the MDBT42 module, but then realized that it'd be pretty useless to me without the breakout board. I saw it on one of the product photos and assumed that it'd be included, but now I don't think that's the case.

  • Hi - you ordered a Pixl.js so luckily your order hasn't shipped yet (it will when the Pixls are ready). You're right, it's just the module (I've just updated the listing to make it clearer) - however I do have a few of those breakout PCBs kicking around so I'll stick one in with your order.

    I am aiming to sell a breakout board for it which will hopefully be available soon as well (it'll be more expensive than the bare module). Getting Pixl.js out the door has just taken priority at the moment.

  • Just a quick update on this: All the components and tooling for Pixl.js are now ready, and I'll be heading to Pimoroni on Tuesday 8th May for production, so everything is on track for me to be able to ship these out a bit early :)

  • I'm back from Pimoroni with enough Pixl.js boards to ship all the preorders. I'm just waiting for some postal supplies, so hopefully the Pixl board preorders will be shipped on Friday, if not then Monday latest.

  • I'm looking forward to getting mine - actually this one's for my kids. On that note, when you did the badges at that node event, you had some games and stuff bundled on them I recall from the video. Can we find those anywhere? I'd like to get them hacking on the Pixl and the games would be a great start.

  • :) I hope they enjoy it!

    Because Pixl.js acts like a terminal when Bluetooth is disconnected, you can actually use Blockly and the 'print' block to output stuff to the screen too. If your kids are interested (and use Blockly) then I could look at adding some more useful graphics commands to it though.

    On the games front, I added the main ones to the tutorials page:Ā­s

    I only uploaded pictures of them running an hour or so ago though!

    edit: I also just uploaded an animal guessing game - the built-in menu makes it really easy!

  • Ah great, I'd missed that - thanks. Re Blockly, I don't know. Will feedback how they are using. I'd actually like to see them writing the code.

    Asteroids!!! Maybe I'll keep it for myself ;)

  • Great... so preorders will be executed within the next days! Looking forward to have pixl with pixels in my hand. I noticed the moving of the switches to the sides and having the headers outside of the display.

  • Yes - moving the switches has a few good side-effects...

    • The buttons are nearer the display area
    • You can have up/down/etc for menus in more sensible places, eg:
    • You can mount the display easily. Even if you'd cut out neat holes for the buttons it wouldn't have looked that good before, and wouldn't have worked well with a thick front panel.
    • You can make a cool laser-cut case with pressable buttons. I'll be releasing one soon hopefully or at the very least making the files available.
  • Got it. You could have put a battery in it @Gordon ;)
    Anyway, had it playing Asteroids, which takes a bit of doing with the buttons. Kids will enjoy this.

  • I know, I'd have liked to have put a CR2032 in but it gets messy handling shipping. I could get away with it with Puck.js because it was in a case and a box but it's less clear-cut with the Pixl.

    Glad you got Asteroids going so quick though! You could always get a bit of proto board and stick some buttons on it so you can control the ship better :)

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Espruino Shop (and Pixl.js preorders)

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