• Hi all,
    I have a question, where I really got stuck: Since my code grows in size, I'm encountering more and more often that the serial output is stuck telling me calculating size... and does not move on any bit.
    The whole console output is as follows:

    Compacting Flash...
    Calculating Size...

    Does anyone know why it gets stuck there? My code is compacted the size of roughly 40kb. I'm compacting using the online closure compiler.
    I have 4 precompiled functions using the Espruino compilation service.
    Thanks for your reply. I'm currently using the latest travis build (lv96.35)

  • Please can you try running require('Storage').eraseAll() and then try sending again?

    It could be related to recent changes in the way code is stored (that allow you to save extra information as well as code). It shouldn't cause problems, but it's possible there is a bug in there somewhere.

    If that does fix it, and you encounter this again, would you be happy to send me a copy of the code that causes the issue (and possibly a dump of the saved code area which I can send you some code for) so I can track the issue down and fix it here?

  • I have the same behaviour with 1v99 on a RAK8212.
    After outputting to console "Calculating Size ..." the execution of the save() function just freezes.
    I have set up a function that periodically blinks a LED, but even this blinking stops.
    I need to press the reset button and re-connect to get an espruino prompt again.

    In my case, I have found out that save() works most of the time, but in this particular case my software has registered a callback on incoming data from Serial1 (in my case from the Quectel BG96 modem). I am working with Bluetooth as console. If I throw out the code section that registers that read callback on Serial1, save() works correctly.

    So my guess it that save() somehow interferes with Serial1 and then the callback in my software is executed and the complete JS interpreter is blocked.

    I currently don't know how to go on finding out what the problem is.

  • Would you be able to post up your code in a separate thread?

    Are you uploading your code via Bluetooth, or using the USB Serial adaptor with the RAK8212? The RAK8212 only has one serial port, so if you upload via Serial then when the board changes the Serial port to try and connect to the modem, you'll lose contact.

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