hint of new board???

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  • Hey guys, I was rooting through the firmware and I found this!

    [#if](https://forum.espruino.com/search/­?q=%23if) !defined(PICO) && !defined(ESPRUINOBOARD) && !defined(ESPRUINOWIFI) && !defined(PUCKJS) && !defined(PIXLJS)
              "Espruino is Open Source. Our work is supported\n"
              "only by sales of official boards and donations:\n"

    It is line 832 at Espruino/src/jsinteractive.c on the Espruino firmware Github page. Look at the first two lines.
    hopefully the Pixl JS is an upcoming new board?

  • Yep! Although it's not much of a hint, @Gordon has mentioned about it a couple of times ;D Here are some details if you're interested. http://www.espruino.com/Pixl.js

  • Hi - yes, it is! There's a very early page on it here: http://www.espruino.com/Pixl.js

    Timing has slipped a bit, but hopefully I'll have boards ready by the end of April. I'm also aiming to add a very barebones Bluetooth LE board as well.

  • Oh my gosh! That's awesome! :)

  • Too early to ask about pricing/spec on the barebones boards?

  • It's looking like it'd be a similar to Puck.js at the moment, maybe a smidge higher - definitely under £30 ex VAT one-off anyway.

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hint of new board???

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