A follow-up to Puck.js?

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  • Gordon, thank you for your contributions!
    I've just recently gotten into Arduino et al. and have gotten a Puck.js - what a fun little device, and a JS-based web IDE is so easy and fun to use.

    Do you have any plans for a follow-up? Ideally, something a little more powerful and with some more built-in sensors (IMU) and connectivity, while retaining a small-ish size and being wrapped up in a neat little self-contained package.

  • Thanks! The main followup is this: http://www.espruino.com/Pixl.js

    There'll also be a more Pico-style board with Bluetooth LE too.

    In terms of more sensors, it adds a lot to the cost and also drains the battery a lot faster so I'd probably need a new case with a bigger battery, which means quite a lot of development cost. I am considering re-selling Nordic Thingy:52 devices though, since they've thrown the Kitchen sink in there - rechargeable LiPo, 9 axis sensor, separate accelerometer, pressure, humidity, temperature, 2 different gas qualities, microphone and speaker. There's no way I could make anything remotely similar for that price.

  • got a Thingy:52 and 2x Puck.JS. the Thingy is in a drawer getting dust and the with the Pucks I play daily (HID keyboard shortcuts - press and long press)

    Thingy pros:

    • wakes up from deep sleep on movement
    • environment sensors (temp/humidy/air quality)
    • accelerometer – want to use it for a VR like toy controller


    • no easy to program (I should put Espruino on it)
    • fugly – compared to Puck's silicone
    • bulky
    • mic/speaker 8kHz quality

    can't wait for PixlJS to play with the display :)

  • Thingy:52 looks very interesting, but I agree that it's really bulky.
    Either way, I look forward to Espruino being supported on more platforms.

  • Can you share some more details on the Pico-style board with BLE?

  • Yes, sure. I'll soon be offering bare MDBT42Q modules for sale ( http://www.espruino.com/MDBT42Q) and I already provide a firmware that'll run on them.

    This new board is going to be a breakout for the MDBT42Q with a button and 2 LEDs on it, plus a voltage regulator (but no USB).

    It won't bring out all the pins, but there'll be quite a few - and you'll be able to plug a standard USB-TTL converter in if you do want USB communications.

    It keeps getting delayed because the LCD board is taking priority, but hopefully I'll get them both produced and on sale near the end of April.

  • Nice, thanks!

  • Will this breakout board come with or without NFC antenna (connector)?

  • It's going to have two 0.05" holes for the antenna, and space for 2 tuning caps on the rear. The antenna and caps have to be matched so I can't pre-fit them, but hopefully I'll be able to come up with some advice (eg. add 10 coils of wire at 5cm radius, and use X capacitance).

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A follow-up to Puck.js?

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